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    I am an architect. I design interior spaces and do some other  creative work. Actually, my hobbies are quite similar to my job – I make different design things. My job is in parallel with my hobby, I would say, one comes from the other. And moreover, I really enjoy it.

    I got to know about SKORO products thanks to the Adapter YouTube . I watch it regularly. As soon as Gleb posted his video about Somnambula, I got interested in the product at once. I liked this multitasking  product. I often go on trips, and I don’t like carrying a lot of things with me, this is a big advantage of this product. Among the SKORO products that  I have there are two Somnambulas made of stabilized acrylic and merino wool, and I won the third one in the contest. In addition, I got Somnambula for my child. I also have a Dream Catcher hammock, ThermoShell, Sharfiks and wristbands. I am planning to buy “Hit-Defender” Body Suit . My impressions are only positive. All the products are of high-quality and well-designed. However, they are not casual things. They must be understood. It is not just a shirt! You have to use your brain. It took me three days to get used to Somnambula and as soon as  I comprehended its idea I enjoyed it a lot.

    одежда трансформер мужская

    People buying SKORO products are completely different, but they are united with love to non-standard decision making.

    одежда трансформер мужская

    Somnambula in different ways, but mostly as a sweater. I get less clothing in a trip now. There was an occasion when I was on business trip in Kiev. It was winter and on the day I decided to wash my things the central heating was unexpectedly turned off. It was very cold in the evening. So while I was working, I felt cold and began shaking.  And suddenly I remembered about the miraculous clothing. I had bought it recently and I didn’t have any “links” to it in my head yet. I put it on as a suit and I was saved. It is interesting when you wear it, people always pay their attention to you. When it is cold outside and you go to the subway, you can just unzip and feel really comfortable. In general, I have only positive emotions about it.

    And another small thing. Wherever you come wearing Somnambula, people see something unusual and begin asking questions. But not everybody is ready to wear it.  I think one should have out-of-the box thinking. The person wearing Somnambula is ready to transform with it and look at any problem from different perspectives. People buying SKORO products are completely different, but they are united with love to non-standard decision making. In addition, Gleb provides his positive energy.

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