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    I’m really fond of airsoft game. Since childhood I was attracted with military issues and weapons and was dreaming of getting into military environment, so I found my sign activities. In 2009 I took up airsoft skirmishing and got to know most of my friends and became a bit closer to trekking.
    The leader of my first team tried to teach us some surviving skills. I got used to going trekking, sleeping in tents and having dinners at the fire with this team. Over the years I attended Gleb Skorobogatov’s event – Adapter Survival Games , where I wanted to test my skills. There I realized how far I am from real survivalists. The key thing is that we don’t survive, it is called adaptation. Gleb invents items that often become really helpful while adapting to different life situations.

    The first Skoro product I purchased was Somnambula , now I’ve got three. The first impression was that I hold some unusual and interesting thing in my hands… I really liked playing with it and coming up with new options for wearing it. Some of the options could hardly be used as a casual style, but I went further and invented a number of variations with interesting collar, sleeve and skirt design. Usually I wear it as a coverall or a long-sleeved dress. This kind of the dress attracts attention most of all. When I put it on I feel that people are interested in me and what I am wearing.

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    A princess turns into a sportswoman, and a sportswoman turns into a princess. It’s a talent, isn’t it?

    одежда трансформер женская

    When I was on exhibition, I tried to show Somnambula to people and explain how it works. I was wearing a dress and heels. There was a climbing wall next to our exhibition stand and I got interested in it. I always wanted to climb it and I decided to take a chance.But I couldn’t do it as I was wearing a dress. I remembered that the dress was a unique thing that I could change into a coverall. So I did it, changed my footwear and went climbing. After that I turned my coverall into the dress again.Every person watching me realized that this clothing is absolutely universal. This situation reminded me my favourite statement: “A princess turns into a sportswoman, and a sportswoman turns into a princess. It’s a talent, isn’t it?”

    I like trains. Having Somnambula I stopped buying bed clothes in sleeping compartments. It is a kind of performance when I am going to sleep and I change my clothes, because in some seconds a dress or coverall are turned into a sleeping bag. I was often asked about this thing and how comfortable to sleep in it. People even ask to touch Somnambula. I don’t need to use any blanket sleeping in Somnambula and I can use its collar as a pillow.Somnambula is of really good quality. I don’t have to worry about its launder-ability or tearing strength. Zippers are strong. I like its reliability and originality. I hope Somnambula will conquer the world one day.

    All these things are made with love. They are unique.

    Travelling is my hobby. If I have any spare time I prefer to spend it trekking with my friends or I can have some days out of the city playing airsoft game. There are exciting games in different cities. We take our airsoft weapon and uniform, call teams, rent a bus and leave the routine. When we arrive we put up a tent and start playing. I feel happy when you can set the fire and have dinner after running and shooting all day. I have got used to such trips since I was 18.

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    I am really sure all SKORO products are made to ease our life and anybody can find an invention for him/herself.

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    Most often, I use the merino Sharf-x , the thing I don’t travel without. In the city I use it as a knit hat, scarf or snood. If I’m cold at home or outside, I put it on my lower back or upper body.It is an essential in any trekking tour as I often wrap my feet with it or throw it over my shoulders. And in summer I can wear it over my swimming suit as a dress when I go swimming. As for me, I have got the most all-purpose blue merino Sharf-x.

    Also, I have Hobo, a titanium wood stove . It’s in the list of items that you actually need, though I rarely used it. I am sure that if suddenly I am in any place where there is no fire, and I will need to make water or food warmer, then I will do it with this stove by myself. I will find some kind of deadwood and set fire in this stove for myself. Usually I travel with my friends and I don’t have to do it, but I know that I have this opportunity. The stove is really well-designed, high-quality thing, it looks unusual, it is always on my cup and does not need too much space.

    I felt neither cold nor hot being in SKORO things.

    A sleeping bag named Capsule is the most important thing for me. Unfortunately, there were always different flaws in my sleeping bags. When I got into Capsule sleeping bag, I realized that despite the fact I I was “obsessed” with them and I had a wide range of them, I had never had a good sleeping bag.
    I am really afraid of being cold. My sleeping bags were designed to keep me warm in temperatures down to -15 degrees, quite large in size, but I got used to it as the main thing was not to be frozen. But I felt neither cold nor hot being in SKORO things. Using this sleeping bag, I can go on trips without a tent. The first time I slept in it outdoors was under the rain. I woke up in it, with no other shelter, and felt that it was raining. I decided to test it and I fell asleep again without taking any preventive measures. I spent the whole night under the rain and nothing terrible happened to me, I was absolutely dry and warm. It amazed me greatly, it’s my thing!It starts warming you immediately, it gets the temperature of your body and, actually, you are neither cold nor hot. You really feel like being in a kind of capsule. You feel good, cozy, and comfortable in it, nothing bothers you. And this mosquito net… I have problems with insects, they always find me, and here I can throw the net over and breathe easily with no mosquitoes. There are some pockets in this net, one can be used to put your mobile into and the other can be stuffed with your clothes, for example, to be used as a pillow. You can roll over as you wish because this net inside the sleeping bag is a kind of slippery fabric. I love sleeping on my stomach, even in a sleeping bag, and it is quite hard in any kind of ordinary sleeping bags where your clothes stick to the inner lining, and in Capsule you can roll over. And it is not heavy in comparison with other winter sleeping bags. It is so lightweight and warm that I am delighted with it! You can unzip any part for breathing. Even a sleeping pad can be attached to it. I used to wake up and there was no sleeping pad under me, now I can fix it and roll over. When you host guests you can put it on the floor and an additional sleeping place is ready. I slept like that. I worked in 12 hour shifts, and when one followed another , I just wasted too much time to get home. To save up some time, I decided to stay at work and asked my friends to bring me a SKORO sleeping bag. I lay on the floor, put a pillow in the pocket and had a perfect sleep .

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    I would not exaggerate if I said that these things are the inventions of the future, they are so well-designed that have no analogues.

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    Gleb Skorobogatov is a genius. He sees flaws while testing everything and always fixes them. He invents things that can make people’s life easier. Actually, not everyone is talented in inventing and producing things. And this man puts his heart and soul into it. And you can feel it at once. You buy one thing, but eventually you have got more than 35 clothing options – it’s unique! Not everyone can understand this, but I believe that you just you need to touch it and try it on. And I think everyone can be caught up with it. It is like you have a kind of a magic thing. This is a category of products for people who do see their value. People who have something unusual. People who take a broad view of life. I would not exaggerate if I said that these things are the inventions of the future, they are so well-designed that have no analogues.

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