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Stasya Nikitina, stylist-designer

I am a stylist-designer, now I’m working with my friends MilGor, a team of young designers. In fact, I am a very active person; I cannot just sit and do nothing. I have always created a lot of different unusual looks for myself and combined contrasting things things. For the first time, I saw SKORO products at the Hunting and Fishing exhibition.

Arina Andreeva, airsoft player

Arina Andreeva, airsoft player

I'm really fond of airsoft game. Since childhood I was attracted with military issues and weapons and was dreaming of getting into military environment, so I found my sign activities. In 2009 I took up airsoft skirmishing and got to know most of my friends and became a bit closer to trekking. The leader of my first team tried to teach us some surviving skills. I got used to going trekking, sleeping in tents and having dinners at the fire with this team. Over the years I attended Gleb Skorobogatov’s event - Adapter Survival Games.

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Andrei Bondarenko, architect

I am an architect. I design interior spaces and do some other creative work. Actually, my hobbies are quite similar to my job - I make different design things. My job is in parallel with my hobby, I would say, one comes from the other. And moreover, I really enjoy it. I got to know about SKORO products thanks to the Adapter channel on YouTube. I watch it regularly.