Sleeping bag “Bodyguard”

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Incredible combination of comfort and practicality. The most universal sleeping bag ever. It can be unzipped in any side. Due to unique layers, this sleeping bag provides your body with warmth immediately, and being well designed it allows you to enjoy its multifunctionality and usability. Its bottom side is waterproof. It can be put on the snow, wet grass or sand.  The inner perimeter is illuminated with a fluorescent cord.   “Bodyguard” can be made smaller, transformed into a gable end shelter, stretched as a shelter, used as clothes or hung to reflect the heat of fire, and even turn it into a winter sleeping bag. It has no direct analogues.



Sleeping bag “Bodyguard” is a multifunctional all-season modular system created on the basis of the “capsule” format. The name speaks for itself. Its main task is to guard your peace and sleep under almost any conditions. It starts to warm you in just 10 seconds after you are inside it. Rain, snow, wind or insects  remain outside. The inner space of a sleeping bag makes it easy to roll over, arrange all your belongings and enjoy viewing photos on your phone in comfort. It can be stored in the folded state, and after washing it dries quickly.


Sleeping bag description:


Access to the sleeping bag is provided from any easy-to-use side due to the zipper sewn around the perimeter with eight zipper sliders. The zipper sliders can be positioned at any convenient side. They allow making the sleeping bag more functional: one can wear it as warm clothing while camping. Inside the zipper is hidden by a special thermal flap that prevents cold air from getting into the sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag layers:

  • Being strong and sliding, the first layer allows you to  roll over freely inside the sleeping bag.
  • The second layer – the heat-shielding layer consists of allumnized fibers.
  • The next layer – insulation of base version SLIMTEX (100 grams / sq. m.).  SLIMTEX is hypoallergenic, it can be washed in hot water, it has no memory effect; its moisture absorption is minimal.
  • The outer protective layer of thin breathable raincoat fabric provides protection from wind, light rain, snow, dew, and allows the body to breathe.

In the basic set, the temperature of comfort is 0 °C,  if you use high quality, thick, insulated pad. With insulating liners “Bodyguard” can be transformed into winter sleeping bag. insulation (liners)

“Bodyguard” sleeping bag set:


  • Loops around the perimeter.

Designed for tightening a sleeping bag around the perimeter or lacing the upper half with a  band. For stretching a sleeping bag as a tarp, setting a gable end shelter, a corner shelter, modeling a warm vest, fixing a sleeping bag as a reflective screen, attaching an additional protective layer on the outside of the sleeping bag.

  • Pockets to form a pillow inside the sleeping bag.

With soft things inserted into the pocket, you can form a  fixed pillow. There are also two additional pockets for small things  on both hood and foot sides.  The fabric of these pockets allows you to use your smartphone without removing it.

  • Anti-mosquito outer pocket.

It protects from insects. It is attached to the outer part of the sleeping bag.

  • Light-accumulating cord

A light-accumulating cord sewn into the internal thermo flap provides illumination of the inner perimeter.

  • Waterproof protection with  an outer collar

There is an additional waterproof  protection layer made of raincoat fabric on the foot side of the outer part of the sleeping bag. It protects from  rain and strong wind. The outer collar also made of waterproof raincoat fabric is put around the perimeter of the sleeping bag to protect the zipper from moisture and dirt.

  • Compartments for  insulation in each half of the sleeping bag.

Compartments are designed to put up to 2 units of additional insulation (liners) inside each half, without disturbing the initial functionality of the structure. This allows using a sleeping bag at lower temperatures – the temperature regime depends on the composition and thickness of the insulation itself.


  • modular base
  • sleeping bag
  • tarp for rain or  sun
  • gable end tent
  • screen reflecting heat  from  fire
  • windproof cloak for the back and back of the head

Fasteners and functional units:

Image module

Light-accumulating cord

Image module

Anti-mosquito outer pocket

Image module

Loops around the perimeter

Image module

Pockets to form a pillow

Image module

Outer collar


We recommend using it together with a dense insulating pad with a R-value indicator corresponding to environmental conditions. Sleeping bag Capsule can be stored compressed for a long time. Wash it in a washing machine, mode up to 60 °C, any spin.

Creator and developer of the modular system – Gleb Skorobogatov

It is recommended to visit the  YouTube channel made by the creator and developer of this product


Additional information

Weight1.800 kg
Dimensions40 × 20 × 20 cm

raincoat fabric, slimtex, thermoshell, metatulle


Warm Gray 10

Размер в компрессионном мешке

length – from 30 cm (11 in), width – from 30 cm (11 in), depending on the size


200 см (79 in), 215 см (85 in), 230 см (90 in)


80 см (31 in), 90 см (35 in), 100 см (39 in)


Japanese YKK zipper with four zipper sliders


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