Hammock “Dream Catcher”

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Lightweight and strong hammock is perfect for outdoor relaxation and protects from irritating and sometimes dangerous insects.

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The hammock is lightweight but strong and can hold up to 140 kg (308 lb).  Unlike nylon hammocks it is breathable but metatulle protects you from insects: mosquitoes, mites, and spiders. It is a three-meter long cylinder stitched with heat shrinkable threads and ties on both sides. This gear can also be used on the ground and provide you a valuable protection from insects. Just climb inside the hammock and tighten it. Dreamcatcher is so spacious that you can put your backpack and other bedding inside. Metalized fabric strengthens even a small light source inside or outside the hammock providing visual comfort. The hammock dries very quickly.

Hammock pack is made of metatulle and is also multifunctional. You can put your soap in it and use it as a loofah. If you cover your torch with it you will get comfortable diffused light. You can also put your wet things in it, tighten it to your backpack and let them dry while trekking. It can be used as a water filter or to trawl shrimp or minnow.


  • a place to sleep
  • protection from insects
  • stretcher for transportation of injured people
  • fishing net
  • protection from coarse sand
  • water filter


Avoid contact with abrasive products and sharp objects. Maximum load – 140 kilograms (308 lb), tensile strength – 190 kilograms(418 lb). It can be washed in a washing machine in any mode.



Additional information

Weight 0.270 kg
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 9 cm

Metatulle fabric




circumference: 2,2 metre (87 in) ; length: 3 metre (118 in)

Weight with pack

230 gram (0,50 lb)


1 metatulle pack, transparent, grey 18 х 25 sm (7 x10 in) and 2 strands


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