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“Hobo” camping wood stove

fire concentrator

16 $

The original design of Hobo titanium wood stove allows you to concentrate heat, strengthen and protect the fire against wind, using the minimal amount of fuel.

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The fire concentrator is a light and durable Hobo stove made of a twisted titanium plate and a system of openings for air flow. This is an essential for cooking, boiling water, a fast source of heat in all weather conditions. Titanium is harmless to humans, does not oxidize in aggressive environments and does not rust. Almost any kind of fuel fits Hobo stove: twigs and chips, paper and fuel tablets. You can use a standard or homemade alcohol burner. If you put the stove large holes down, the fire will be more intense. Turning the small holes down will result in a quieter fire and fuel economy.

Wrap a dry piece of cloth around a mug and press it with a Hobo stove, like a staple; it will protect your hands from a hot mug. It is also easy to cool the liquid if you wet the same flap and leave the mug in a draught. Hobo’s stove is useful for you to dispose small debris when having a camping trip; it can work as a candlestick or warm up the water for a container with insecticidal aromatic oils. Or you can fry a lizard or a frog right on it.


  • for boiling water and cooking
  • fast source of heat
  • glass holder
  • grill for cooking small game on an open fire
  • candlestick
  • for the disposal of small debris


Hobo stove is convenient to be used together with a mug that is approximately 8.5 cm (3 in)  in diameter and 9 cm (3.5 in)  in height.

Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 7 cm

titanium ВТ 1.0

Размеры в развернутом виде

width – 83 mm (3.2in) , length – 215 mm (8 in), thickness – 0.5 mm (0,02 in)


32 g (0.07 lb)


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