Capsule sleeping bag

basis of modular shelter system

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Maximum combination of comfort and functionality. Thanks to the unique layers, the sleeping bag provides instant warming and the well-arranged design allows you to enjoy its convenience and versatility.

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Сapsule sleeping bag is made in the shape of capsule on the principle of modular system base with the possibility of retrofitting. It combines comfort with practicality.
Due to unique layers you get warm immediately. In addition you can walk without losing warmth and sit in it without taking off your shoes.




Access to the sleeping bag is provided from any easy-to-use side, due to the zipper sewn around the perimeter with four zipper sliders. The zipper sliders can be positioned at any convenient side. Inside the zipper is hidden by a special thermal flap that protects from cold air.

Designed for tightening a sleeping bag around the perimeter or lacing the upper half with a rubber band. For stretching a sleeping bag as a tarp, setting a gable end shelter, a corner shelter, modeling a warm vest, fixing a sleeping bag as a reflective screen, attaching an additional protective layer on the outside of the sleeping bag.


Sleeping bag layers:


  • Being strong and sliding, the first layer allows you to roll over freely inside the sleeping bag.
  • The second layer – the heat-shielding layer consists of allumnized fibers.
  • Insulation of base version SLIMTEX (100 grams / sq. m.). Single layer. SLIMTEX is hypoallergenic, it can be washed in hot water, it has no memory effect; its moisture absorption is minimal.
  • The outer protective layer of thin breathable raincoat fabric provides protection against wind, light rain, snow, dew, and allows the body to breathe.

In the basic set, the temperature of comfort is 0 °C if high quality, thick, insulated pad is used.

It is possible to order a sleeping bag “Capsule” with an additional set which is not provided in the basic version:


  • Pockets to form a pillow inside the sleeping bag

With the help of soft things inserted into the pocket, you can form a pillow. There are also two additional pockets for small things on both hood and foot sides. The fabric of these pockets allows you to use your smartphone without removing it.

  • Waterproof protection with an outer collar

There is additional waterproof protection layer made of raincoat fabric on the foot side of the outer part of the sleeping. It protects from from rain and strong wind. The outer collar also made of waterproof raincoat fabric, is put around the perimeter of the sleeping bag to protect the zipper from moisture and dirt.

  • Compartments for insulation in each half of the sleeping bag

Compartments are designed to put up to 2 units in each half, of additional Insulation inside each half, without disturbing the initial functionality of the structure. This allows using a sleeping bag at lower temperatures – the temperature regime depends on the composition and thickness of the insulation itself.


  • modular base
  • sleeping bag
  • tarp for rain or sun
  • gable end tent
  • screen reflecting heat from a fire
  • windproof cloak for the back and back of the head


We recommend using it together with a dense insulating mat with a R-value indicator corresponding to environmental conditions. Sleeping bag Capsule can be stored compressed for a long time. Wash it in a washing machine, mode up to 60 °C, any spin.



Additional information

Weight1.800 kg
Dimensions40 × 20 × 20 cm

raincoat fabric, slimtex, thermoshell, metatulle


Warm Gray 10


200 см (79 in), 215 cm (85 in), 230 cm (90 in)


80 cm (31 in), 90 cm (35 in), 100 cm (39 in)


from 1500 grams (3,3 lb) , depending on the size

Size in a compression bag

length – from 30 cm (11 in), width – from 30 cm (11 in), depending on the size

Fastening products

Japanese YKK zipper with four zipper sliders


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