thermal cloak

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ThermoShell keeps your body temperature as comfortable as possible whatever it is cold or hot. Its multifunctionality is useful while backpacking.



Do you know what a life blanket is? Such a terribly noisy foil that heats for 5 minutes, and then begins to soar? Forget it!

ThermoShel warms – returning its warmth back to a person. This is a thin, light metallized fabric through which the surrounding space is visible. Unlike the “space blankets”, ThermoShel was reusable, silent and “breathing”. There are loops around the perimeter of the canvas, with their help ThermoShel can be stretched in the form of an awning from the sun, a signal screen or a heat reflector from a fire. Warming a sleeping bag – ThermoShel can be pulled off with an elastic band or cord, which will allow it to be securely fixed on a person during sleep.

Experience – ThermoShell:


  • thermal cloak
  • thermo coat lining
  • blanket
  • lining in any sleeping bag
  • protection from dust and sand storm
  • tarp for sun
  • fire heat and light reflector
  • flag
  • lightning gear for outdoor photos
  • cold food thermos
  • protection from mosquitoes
  • car dashboard sun protection


Dirt is easily removed from the fabric. Handwashing in cold water is recommended. Don’t wring it.



Additional information

Weight0.150 kg
Dimensions16 × 6 × 6 cm

aluminised fabrics


red, gold, silver


breadth -1.5 m (59 in), length- 2.5 m (79 in)

Вес с чехлом

130 gram (0.28 lb)

В комплекте

pack, size 13х 22 cm ( 5 x 7 in)


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