Titanium Tag



The analogue of a military tag that can be useful in extreme situations.



A titanium tag is used to provide important information about yourself, for example, full name , date of birth, blood type or possible diabetes, allergies or any other information. You can apply any text on it with laser. It is possible to use it as a decoration, a memorabilium or a gift. Titanium is a biologically harmless metal that has low thermal conductivity, so a titanium tag does not cause any discomfort at high and low temperatures. It does not rust or oxidize in aggressive environment, it does not glare. Titanium badge is very strong and lightweight. A light accumulating ball is included in it.

Additional information

Weight0.015 kg

titanium VT 1.0


width 2.7 cm (1 in) , length 5 cm (1.9 in)


light accumulating ball


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