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    I am a stylist-designer, now I’m working with my friends MilGor, a team of young designers. In fact, I am a very active person; I cannot just sit and do nothing. I have always created a lot of different unusual looks for myself and combined contrasting things things.

    For the first time, I saw SKORO products at the Hunting and Fishing exhibition. I participated in this exhibition with another company too. Gleb came up, and we started talking- this was the beginning of my love for Somnambula. This thing was close to my heart. It was unusual just the way I like. I also have a red merino Sharf-x, which I wear as a skirt, a top, a scarf, or a dress, I mean I use it as I want. Of course, to create a perfect look I have pulseheater , with them the Somnambula becomes even more unusual, and my look is more complete. It meets all my requirement as for warmth and other details and I wear it very often. Somnambula gets dry very quickly. It does not have any pellets, it can be easily washed, and you just put it in the wardrobe to keep it tidy. I have a red scarf-x made of merino wool, it is warmer than acrylic, but I think stabilized acrylic Somnambula is warm enough; if it were warmer I would feel uncomfortable and hot.
    I wear it as often as I can, I train children snowboarding or skiing wearing it, and I go to Egypt and other countries with it. This is an unusual thing, you need to feel it. Clothing is just clothing, and this is completely different – the most important thing is that a person is ready. Ready to be free, ready to transform him?herself. When people address me as a stylist saying “I don’t want to wear floral dresses,do something with my style, and I trust you, you should transform me completely.” And then the changes begin – a person is tired of being what he/she used to be, he/she feels uncomfortable. He/She is ready to see him/herself completely new in a different look and most importantly – he/she does not hesitate about it. Somnambula is perfectly matches with different jewelry, thus we show that it can be an elegant, stylish and absolutely not only a sporting option. It really cool to wear Somnambula with heels, jackboots, jackets, and shoulder belts. It opens up opportunities to see things from different perspectives. It develops creativity.

    одежда трансформер женская

    It really cool to wear Somnambula with heels, jackboots, jackets, and shoulder belts. It opens up opportunities to see things from different perspectives. It develops creativity.

    одежда трансформер женская

    I combine clothing that is different in style. Thus, I show people how ordinary, forgotten things can be worn in different ways.

    When I’m wearing Somnambulist it works at once. It attracts people. There are a lot of people who are not standard, who love dressing in extraordinary way and like standing out: they wear trousers with dresses, with leggings, or chiffon with sweatshirt. I think it’s great! It is their world and Somnambula suits such people, you just need to show the depth of it. Not just different transformations, but how it looks in life, in everyday life.

    This is not just an ordinary item of clothes, it has some kind of heart.

    Somnambula transformational stories happen all the time. I come on exhibition in one dress, poof! – I’m already in a short one. The same when I am on the plane, for example, I went to Egypt last November, it was cold in Ukraine so I was wearing Somnambula as an cover overall and black turtleneck sweater.
    When we were landing, I took off my sweater, and transformed it into a short dress. When people were looking at me, they didn’t understand how it all happened. They then asked: “What is it?” And I showed them a transformation options right at the airport. This could be filmed and posted on Instagram. By the way, maybe it really was so – there were a lot of people! A show with Somnambula can be performed for days!!!
    It is also very important to get the feedback from the person who wears Somnambula. They say: “Well, it’s a really cool, expensive, and very unusual thing.” It amazes everyone! Especially girls, who love to be paid attention to, say: “This is an indispensable thing!” They love it and are ready to buy the same one, but in a different color. Somnambula impresses me so much, it fits into my clothing perfectly, and this is mine. Recently, a man was very well surprised by this thing! Then he was very grateful: “Such a cool thing.” He came with his girlfriend to me as a stylist. We tried Somnambulist on in various options for girls. And he says: “Is it still possible for men to wear?” – “Of course!” And off we go! – a transformation show program for men. This is not just an ordinary thing, it has some kind of heart; for me and many of my friends, it is precisely so.

    одежда трансформер женская

    Somnambula is for those who are ready to discover themselves and change their inner world.

    одежда трансформер женская

    There are people who look at things without any imagination. If it is green, it means that it will match with my green jacket, and it is very difficult for them to see that green goes well with red. There are people who, on the contrary, love to combine incompatible things. And there are people, who really like everything unusual – but they are too shy! I help completely different people to discover themselves, to hear themselves and not to feel scared of society.
    People, who look at me, see how easy it is, how stylish and cool it is.
    Many feel embarrassment because of their bodily constitution: “I would like to be as fit as you are.” Essentially, the problem lies in the weight loss process that never ends. When you feel good with your body, then everything around you, and those who are next to you will be perfect,.
    My answer is: “You look great and let us show how we can hide some shortcomings with the folds that we make in Somnambula.” If a person is not ready for something unusual and new as a matter of principle, it is difficult for him to understand Somnambula. Somnambula is for those who are ready to discover themselves. For those who are ready to change their inner world.
    Somnambula is for self-confident and free people!

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